A guide to driving new business via hosting service providers


Hosting markets are now extremely competitive with over 330,000 hosting providers around the world! The key to driving in this industry is to take into account your customer demographics and their technical requirements, when selecting your hosting provider.

Strategic consultancy agents specialising in web hosting are best placed to advise you when choosing the best hosting provider, they’ll take your budget into account and match you with the best product that suits your needs.

The first and single most important question to ask yourself whilst selecting a hosting plan is “Who is my customer base?” – are they;

  • A new business owner who doesn’t have the key resources in-house to manage the physical hosting infrastructure. Perhaps they have minimal knowledge of web hosting and its potential challenges and would benefit greatly from a strategic consultant to guide them through the set-up phase.
  • An existing client expanding their business, looking to acquire greater server space that can deal with the anticipated web traffic.
  • A well established hosting company that is upscaling it’s IT, and now demands a Cloud based environment.
  • For a  customer with little or no knowledge of domain and web hosting and what they entail, strategic consultancy offers invaluable advice on the best hosting environment and can demonstrate the merits of each plan.

Hosting providers such as UKBSS have delivered web hosting services to over 435,000* customers worldwide. They offer web-hosting strategic consultancy services to any size of company. They’ll ascertain what it is you need a hosting service provider to deliver you.

Hosting performance: Hosting providers plans should include simple domains right through to top of the range cloud infrastructure platforms, with customisable products that suit your specific needs. You can check out all the latest hosting plans and features from UKBSS now @ www.ukbss.com

Reliability: If you have a website or web app that suffers from frequent downtime, then you are at a severe disadvantage. A client’s reputation can be adversely effected and its website perceived as amateurish.  At UKBSS, are data centres are fully ISO 27001 certified. They provide full data security with the highest performance and geo-redundancy. You can connect with their strategic consultants right now to discuss the best UKBSS package to suit your business needs.

Customer Support: A key component of every business is its after-sales service. With a hosting service provider this is even more apparent. With all sales, enquires and technical support being channelled through customer support. Even if you’ve been in web development for years, technical questions will still arise, as technology and platforms are ever evolving, and so you need your hosting provider to offer reliable and comprehensive customer service. At UKBSS you can be assured of dedicated consultation and support whenever you need them.

Flexibility: Understandably most clients prefer to have flexibility built in to their contract terms. Business environments are inherently volatile and UKBSS hosting plans are fully flexible with their monthly contract terms. You have the freedom to adapt at any time to suit your business requirements.

User friendly control panels: Your clients have access to easily operated admin panels, where they can make changes and manage their hosting details.

Security: Every customer rightly demands that their files be safe and secure. Any breach in security could prove to be extremely serious. At UKBSS, each and every hosting account on our cloud hosting platforms is securely ‘self-contained’ by CageFS which automatically purges malware. Rest assured your files are safe and secure with us.

Cost – Last but not least, the cost of maintaining a hosting account is a significant factor when it comes to selecting a hosting service provider. With our competitive pricing plans, UKBSS delivers first class web hosting services together with their in-house engineers, keeping your websites up and running 24/7.

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