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Large Infrastructure change | Implementing a platform to compete with the best

We are proud to announce our new platform.In April we are launching our new cloud platform, this is an amazing step to increase our capacity and improve our services.

We are proud to announce our new platform.

In April we are launching our new cloud platform, this is an amazing step to increase our capacity and improve our services.

What does this mean?

It means more powerful autoscaling hardware so that servers will not ever come under heavy load.

Will my price or service change?

No, and No, We will not be increasing prices for any clients new or existing and your services won't be migrated or changed.

So if you have cPanel or DirectAdmin they will stay the same and same for any VPS or Cloud services.

The techy bits for you that are interested.

Specs per cluster;

416 CPUs

5700 GB RAM

50TB SSD Storage

Yes, these are correct and it is not a typo.

There will be 15 of these clusters provisioned initially in April. That means a total of;

6240 CPUs

85500 GB RAM

750TB SSD Storage

These will all auto-scale when needed and are all backed up externally. 7 Clusters will be used for Shared and Reseller Hosting, 3 Will be used for our new and improved Business/Premium Hosting.

4 Will be used for our VPS and VPS Reseller Platform and the remaining one will be used for load balancing and additional Auto-scaling.

We will be provisioning an additional 8 in June 2021 to increase capacity again over all our platforms.

Why the large change?

There are a few reasons for this change.

  1. Modernise and stay ahead of the competition so we can offer you the best service possible.
  2. We are very fortunate to have grown significantly over the last year and have seen many more resellers join leading to 1000’s more sites that we host.
  3. OVH Datacentre Fire, unfortunately, a competitor in our industry had a huge fire in one of their Datacentres and it is a total loss. This meant many of their clients lost masses of data and websites and systems. We aided to host some of their clients until the issue was resolved. This has since been resolved but many decided to stay with us.
  4. It was simply not feasible to run our cloud system the way it was with this many clients. When we first launched our platform, the intention was to always host a few thousand sites. This has since become a large venture than we could have ever dreamed of and as such we have had to play catchup sometimes and this change future proofs that.
  5. Redundancy and increased site performance. The increase means although your site may have set virtual resources, it can now auto-scale up with demand and then down again when not needed. It also means we can now offer our power pack. This means you can activate it for up to 48 hours to get double the resources you had before when your site or platform most needs it.

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