Can you offer your clients more?

reseller hosting infographic

Can you offer your clients more?

Becoming a hosting reseller is a simple process, you could be up and running in no time, empowering you to become a direct web hosting service provider for your clients. You’ll be better positioned to directly service the needs of your customers and in return, you’ll be guaranteed a dependable stream of income each month and the longer-term retention of your client.

How to start a successful web hosting business:

With a reseller hosting account you can easily launch your web hosting business. This can be done with very little upfront investment, or time spent. As your business grows, your web hosting can be scaled-up accordingly with a more comprehensive plan, such as one that features a dedicated server.

Choosing the right reseller hosting company for you:

The first and most critical consideration for you to think about when establishing a reseller hosting service, are the hosting servers themselves. Check the uptime of the servers, ensuring that downtime is recorded at the lowest possible figure. This is especially important if you are a newcomer to web hosting and you need to keep customer satisfaction as high as possible, keeping your client’s website up and running is critical to their (& consequently your) success. As a service provider, effective communication is a key responsibility of customer service and

with all your reseller hosting you should be available via telephone, email or chat to provide prompt support for all your customers.

Selecting the right Reseller Hosting Plan for you:

With a range of Reseller Hosting plans, it’s important to match the right product

with the right site requirements. You can start small and upgrade your plan as your business grows, and if the need arises, progressing eventually all the way up to an SSD cloud server with top performance and security features.

If you are a web developer, then with a reseller hosting plan, you can become a one-stop-shop for all your clients’ needs. Your customers need not deal with a web developer and a web host separately, thereby saving them time. You may even choose to brand your own hosting and specialise in providing hosting packages.

As you add to your reseller hosting services, you can expand your customer base. You will be growing your own business, and those of your customers.

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