Infrastructure as a service

Meet all your cloud infrastructure needs. 

New challenges need agile solutions. Invent with purpose.

Best-in-class cloud infrastructure

Create more value for your customers with highly available, secure and scalable cloud infrastructure on Azure. Quickly scale up and down when your needs change, and only pay for the resources that you use.

Azure regions

54 regions worldwide

More global regions than any other cloud provider

Compute performance

960 CPU threads

Largest in the public cloud


24 TB

Largest in the public cloud

Single disk storage

160,000 IOPS

Fastest in the public cloud

Local storage

3.7 million IOPS

Fastest in the public cloud

File storage

100,000 IOPS

Fastest in the public cloud

Hybrid networking

100 Gbps

Fastest in the public cloud


90+ offerings

Most comprehensive in the public cloud

Four reasons to choose Azure IaaS

Provision the infrastructure that you need

Scale your compute performance from 1 vCPU to 480 vCPU cores and your memory from 1 GB to 24 TB. Tailor your disk storage capacity from 4 GB to 64 TB and reach up to 160,000 IOPS on a single disk. Rely on networking speeds from 30 Gbps Ethernet to 100 Gbps InfiniBand interconnects.

Choose the SLA that’s right for you: from the industry’s only 99.9 per cent single VM SLA to 99.99 per cent VM SLA across two or more Availability Zones.

Support the applications that you use

Use Windows or Linux applications and your favourite programming language. Run your enterprise-class applications such as SAP, Oracle, IBM and SharePoint, or choose from thousands of other workloads available in the Azure Marketplace.

Tap into nearly unlimited resources to tackle your most demanding high-performance computing (HPC) or AI challenges, and use purpose-built bare metal infrastructure to scale workloads such as SAP HANA to extreme levels.

Meet your hybrid cloud needs with Azure

Create a consistent experience across on-premises, cloud and edge environments using the broad set of Azure hybrid capabilities, including application consistency, seamless data management, security and governance capabilities and operations management that unifies your entire digital estate.

Strengthen your security posture

Simplify data protection and help safeguard your data from ransomware or human errors with Azure Backup – Azure is the only public cloud that offers backup as a service.

Enable built-in controls across identity, networking, data and security management to help protect your hybrid cloud workloads. Gain instant insight into your security state with Azure Security Center. Modernise security operations with Azure Sentinel, the first cloud-native SIEM from a major cloud provider.

Govern and manage your cloud

Ensure compliance while enabling agility with built-in, free governance tools, such as Azure Policy and Azure Blueprints, and optimise your cloud spend with Azure Cost Management.

Simplify operations management across your hybrid cloud with a rich set of capabilities. Use Azure Monitor to get a 360-degree view of the performance of your applications, infrastructure and network. Manage Windows Servers on-premises, in Azure or in other clouds with Windows Admin Center.

Reduce and optimise infrastructure costs

Run your workloads in Azure and realise up to 435 per cent return on investment (ROI) over five years, according to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

Use Azure Cost Management at no charge to manage and optimise your cloud spend. Achieve significant cost savings by transferring your on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server licences to the cloud with Azure Hybrid Benefit and by paying in advance for predictable workloads with Azure Reserved VM Instances (RIs). In fact, AWS is five times more expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server.

The total economic impact of Azure IaaS

Evaluate the potential financial impact of Azure IaaS on your organisation. This Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, from Forrester Consulting commissioned by Microsoft, examines the potential ROI enterprises that may be realised by shifting some or all their management and operations from on-premises, hosted and outsourced implementations to Azure’s IaaS offering.

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Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Learn how to establish a strategy for executing your enterprise cloud migration with the e-book Enterprise Cloud Strategy, Third Edition. You will learn about:

  • What to consider when choosing between hybrid, public or private cloud environments.
  • How cloud enhances on-premises computing and reduces costs.
  • New analytics and IoT capabilities.
  • Security and compliance considerations.

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