UKBSS launches new first-of-its kind elastic cloud hosted offering

elastic cloud

May 19 2020: UKBSS, The UK’s leading web hosting business has released their new ‘Elastic Cloud’ c-Panel infrastructure, powered by UKBSS.

In this age of digital transformation, the cloud offers businesses tremendous opportunity to reshape their offerings and operations. One of the main benefits is cloud elasticity – the ability of a cloud service to quickly expand or decrease computing resources to meet changing demands, ensuring only the exact amount of resources an organisation needs to run something is used.

UKBSS’s high performance cloud hosting is therefore perfect for large or resource heavy websites.

The company offers PCI-Compliant Business Hosting powered by the UKBSS ‘Elastic Cloud’ – ideal for growing businesses, blogs or e-commerce websites.

Their business hosting comes in 3 differently priced packages, helpfully tailored to the individual’s needs: ‘Pro’ (£8.95/month), ‘Business’ (£18.95/month) and ‘Enterprise’ (£48.95/month).

With 50% off the first month and the reassurance of a 30 day money back guarantee, UKBSS are offering an unbeatable cost-effective solution that is hard to ignore.

Alongside the hosting package’s 100% uptime guarantee, UKBSS also attest to the other incredible additional benefits/features:


Powerful application level fail-over technology ensures that your website will stay online, using real-time replication between nodes.


Allowing the familiarity of cPanel, with the added benefits of fail-over and scalability.


Automatic offloads of traffic to an alternative server, when traffic spikes and busy periods are identified.


We make sure your DNS is independently served, separate to the hardware where your sites reside. We do not rely on a load balancer for our failover solution here.


Rest assured that in the (extremely unlikely) case of an entire data centre outage, your sites will failover to an alternative data centre without any downtime.


On top of this, we back up your account hourly to an off-site location to protect your work, should any mishap take place. Your WordPress site can be restored in seconds.

Of the new service’s perks, UKBSS Managing Director Mark Grindey concluded, “It’s got more security, 100% uptime instead of 99.99% and guaranteed email deliverability. You also only pay for what you need and use no more than that. On top of this, the NVME can easily be replaced to stop the loss of data. It also has bolt cache to improve site speed.”

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About UKBSS:

UKBSS is a client orientated company dedicated to providing world class web hosting services to businesses both big and small. UKBSS is a company built from the ground up, so place great importance on valuing each customer as an individual rather than painting everyone with the same brush.

UKBSS provide web hosting services to over 435,000* customers worldwide, with over 12 years experience offering web hosting and related services and over 10 years offering expert call, phone and broadband management.

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