So What is Bolt-Cache?

Bolt-Cache is a plugin for cPanel that has been developed by UKBSS.  This software delivers enhanced performance for your sites and applications (such as WordPress), by radically improving loading speeds.

UKBSS uses a unique ‘stack’ for web hosting. This is already incredibly fast as is, but can be further adjusted to enhance performance. Bolt-Cache really simplifies the process for you – only requiring 3 clicks to gain access to some of the world’s fastest caching technologies.

Our ‘Stack’ – Designed for Performance
A ‘web stack’ is essentially a compilation of software required to serve websites or applications from a server.  At UKBSS, our web stack is unique from other hosting providers, constructed from the ground up to promise an unbeatable hosting experience.

Other hosting providers will use either ‘Apache’ or ‘Litespeed’ as the web server (which ‘serves’ the applications contents). 

We prefer to use ‘mod_Isapi’ (The Litespeed PHP Handler) with an event driven Apache as the primary web server, but use ‘NGINX’ (which we believe is the world’s fastest webserver), as a ‘reverse proxy’ to Apache/mod_Isapi.

As a result, NGINX can be depended on to alleviate much of the strain from the Apache service, ensuring that performance and reliability is phenomenal. NGINX provides superior protection from DoS attacks (those of which bypass our network-level DDoS protection), as well as directly serves the static resources (noticeably faster than Apache alone). 

This impressive joint support is fully compatible with all scripts/applications you would run on a hosting environment. 

The Results

What is NGINX?
Our ambition for NGINX was to create the fastest web server available, and maintaining this standard of excellence is still the heart of our project. NGINX consistently surpasses Apache and other servers in web server performance benchmarks. 

Since the original launch of NGINX, websites have broadened from simple HTML pages to dynamic, multifaceted content. 

In a nutshell, it’s a web server software (akin to Apache), designed to be the fastest web server in existence today. 

Why don’t all hosting providers use NGINX?

There is a lot of talk on this topic. 

Litespeed is a very beloved ‘Apache’ alternative, ‘designed’ for the shared hosting market. It’s an attractive choice which bridges the gap between ‘commonality’ with Apache, but with marked improved performance. For instance, it permits total use of ‘.htaccess’ files, which are common practice for those already used to Apache hosting.

NGINX on the other hand comes with the performance benefits (and more), but doesn’t support .htaccess rules. For this, most hosts avoid using NGINX as it accompanies some ‘complications’ in terms of administration, and for the users themselves.

Where does Bolt-Cache / CloudNS come in?
CloudNS is the solution to all of this. It allows NGINX to be available (and its performance benefits) for shared hosting clients, removing the ‘complexities’ that NGINX carries alone. Essentially, it’s a platform that gives you the power to use ‘native’ NGINX, cutting out Apache entirely from the ‘stack’ to dramatically enhance performance.

When a site is configured to use ‘native’ NGINX, the ‘backend’ will change from Apache w/ mod_lsapi to ‘NGINX w/ PHP-FPM’

CloudNS is a full featured solution which gives unrestricted flexibility, allowing you to exactly define the ‘stack’ used to serve the sites/applications on your hosting accounts. Additionally, CloudNS is responsible for numerous ‘security’ layers in the hosting environment, which contribute to it being one of the most stable hosting platforms available in the market today.

Bolt-Cache on the other hand is a solution made simple, providing a ‘stripped down’ functionality. We have appreciated that the CloudNS plugin, although fantastic for performance, can sometimes be a little complicated to get to grips with.

Bolt-Cache essentially offers the most ‘common’ configs/templates in just a few clicks, instead of having to separately adjust the settings via the CloudNS plugin.

How do I enable Bolt-Cache?
Enabling powerful server-side caching for your sites is effortless and takes no time at all. 

Check out the following video to see how easy it is to do:

The Bolt-Cache interface can be accessed directly from within cPanel…

cPanel -> Bolt-Cache

Then just select your application/script, such as WHMCS, then choose from one of the caching methods available on the interface.

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