Why Should You Choose Business Email Hosting? – Top 7 Reasons (2020 Guide)

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Emails play a crucial role in the everyday life of running a business, being the favourite of business communications for both employees and to consumers. The need for having good email communications is clear.

There are an array of choices when it comes to which email platform to go with: third party emailing companies, free hosting services, and paid business email hosting services.

Why is business email hosting the best choice for becoming a successful company? Let’s jump right in!

What is Business Email Hosting?

Business email hosting is a service that lets you send, receive and store emails on a server which is provided by an external company – an email hosting provider. These providers essentially rent out customised email domains to businesses as well as many additional functionalities that come with this.

Compared to free email providers such as Gmail and Outlook, this option gives you much more control over your data and is more reliable than alternative platforms.

If you’re still not sure whether business email hosting is right for your business and whether you should invest in it, keep reading for some of the most compelling reasons to upgrade.

So what are the benefits of business email hosting?

#1. Improves Brand Image and Credibility

·  One of the biggest reasons to switch to a hosted business email is the ability to personalise your domain name to your company’s name. Although there are plenty of free email services out there such as Gmail and Outlook etc, using an email such as [email protected] lack credibility compared to [email protected] and can give the impression that you are not serious about the business.

·  Using a more professional email not only improves the credibility and trust of your company, but it also ties in with improving your brand consistency. Having your company’s name prominently featured means emails sent to consumers will be instantly recognised and the content more likely to be trusted. To have a well-established brand, it is essential that consumers can quickly connect your products/services with your name and any inconsistencies in branding can confuse this.

#2. Increased Security

·  Data breaches have been a major issue in recent years, especially for free email service providers. With sensitive information companies need to send between teams or customers, it is an absolute priority to ensure strong security is paramount.

·  Email hosting provides a much more secure option by having additional features, such as equipping mail servers with encryption which prevents emails and sensitive data from being intercepted or compromised.

·  Not only this, but email hosting benefits from spam protection and virus filters so you can relax knowing these are taken care of for you, so you can focus on the most important parts of your business.

#3. Storage and Scalability

·  When your business grows, it’s important that the resources you have can also grow with it. With free email providers, limited storage is one of the biggest downfalls businesses face. This can prevent potential customers from being able to get in contact with you.

·  An email host solves this by offering scalable plans to fit your changing needs, allowing you to increase storage capacity or easily add more addresses to your domain e.g. for adding new staff. This flexibility is needed to make sure you can always support your company in the short and long-term.

#4. Additional Productivity Features

·  Free email accounts usually only let you do the most basic functions, without any additional features.

·  However with a business email host, along with the other benefits mentioned, you can also get backup features as well as productivity tools that allow for better collaboration amongst teams e.g. meetings, calendar events, video calls, shared documents and chat functionality.

#5. More Uptime

·  To succeed, a business must commit to its reliability such as being available for when your customers and employees need you most.

·  Most email hosts guarantee uptime, owed to ultra-reliable cloud servers. This means that even if your website goes down, your email will be unaffected which is important not only for customer service but team communications. This makes sure that you’ll be able to conduct business as usual, without any lost emails or delays in communication.

#6. Connect All Email Addresses

·  Email hosting allows you to manage multiple email addresses with ease. Rather than having one email address for the whole business, it makes it a breeze to have accounts for customer support, enquiry emails or individual staff emails.

·  Not only does this improve the professionalism of the brand but it makes it seem as if the company is bigger and more established, but it is useful for making sure that messages reach the appropriate person and that there is no delay in action. This delay can be the difference between securing a sale or missing that opportunity.

#7. Extensive Support on Hand

·  Turning to a professional company takes away the hassle, time and money needed to concentrate solely on your email addresses. 

·  Furthermore, with business email hosting, any issues that arise with your email addresses can be managed as hosting providers usually include fast 24/7 support should you ever need it.

How can UKBSS help your business?

When you choose a professional email hosting company like UKBSS, you can enjoy peace of mind. UKBSS’s specialists deal with setting you up and managing your emails better, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

What’s more, we include these for free in our cPanel Reseller Hosting Plans! The systems we use are MailChannels email relay service and Crossbox.io mail suite.

·  MailChannels ensures your emails are delivered, regardless of IP blacklists to make sure they actually get to the recipient’s inbox and not their spam folder.

·  Crossbox is a high availability email infrastructure with improved deliverability which can be branded to your brand and hosted on our state of the art cloud infrastructure.

It offers a complete all-in-one suite for all your communication needs: email, live chat, conferences, file storage, file sharing and contact address books. It’s built to offer a seamless experience across all devices such as your desktop or laptop, tablet and smartphone (Android and iOS versions are available on the app store).

Alternatively, these email services are also offered on our VPS servers with WHM for a small additional fee.

Our UKBSS email app is available on the app store, so you can easily access your emails on your tablet or smartphone.

To learn more UKBSS’s business email hosting services, please check out: https://www.ukbss.com/business-email/

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